14 definition by Chantelle

on a more serious note; in actuality
Really though, you're a nice guy. I was just kidding.
by Chantelle June 23, 2004

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(pronounced SKITS)

n. crystal methamphetamine.

v. to use crystal methamphetamine

v. to be under the influence of crystal methamphetamine
We should get some schiz.

Yeah, I'll schiz with you guys tonight.

I'm already schizzing.
by Chantelle August 29, 2005

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(adj.) containing a psychoactive drug
Magic brownies have been cooked with the plant marijuana, so they contain the drug THC.

Magic mushrooms are any of the species of mushrooms that contain the drugs psilocin and/or psilocybin.
by Chantelle July 29, 2004

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A foreighn person that can't speak for crap that has 10000 gold teeth
Asian:fo schizzle muh nizzle izzle bizzle fizzle dizzle
by Chantelle November 05, 2003

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to insult a person.
I murked that cat like nasty.
by Chantelle December 03, 2003

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it means for a boi to stick there tongue in a gyal vagina 2 give sexual pleasure
i got licked out yesterday it woz nang!
by Chantelle September 18, 2004

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1 the most well known indian pimp in michigan
2 owner of the extravagant cabosine, driven by raoul botswiana
3 a very white, red haired irish girl
hassan sold his beautiful turbans to all the most fashionable pimps
by chantelle May 07, 2005

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