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Having an extreme fixation, usually sexually satisfying on something.
The banker who died swimming in the bottom of an outhouse had a shit fetish.
by Cee dub September 18, 2003

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A fun game where a person is giving two scenarious, usually humiliating, and is forced to choose one.
Hey budrick, would you rather have your parents walk in on you masturbating to their wedding photos or would you rather have the whole football team blow their load on your naked body in the locker room?
by Cee Dub December 21, 2003

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A type of offence in the game of football. Uses three backs; Halfback, Fullback, and the Z back. Involves a lot of misdirection and equal workload for each of the backs. Seen in lots of Highschools and a few colleges. Hardly ever seen in the NFL. Invented by the late Coach Brennon out of California.
Olympus High school ran the Wing-T against, it confused the fuck out of me. I never knew who had the ball. We lost by like 30.
by Cee Dub December 31, 2003

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A term used to describe someone that is a complete douche bag and really annoying.
That fuck socket over there smudged my kicks with his goofy ass feet, ima go punk his ass right now!
by Cee dub December 01, 2003

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A kid who cannot take a shit in public places. Usually resulting from a traumatic experience during childhood, involving a public restroom.
We call my friend Chris Orr 'shit brick' cuz he shit his pants in class one time cuz he rufused to use the public bathrooms.
by Cee Dub December 29, 2003

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A kid that looks like Bud Bundy, from Married with Children.
Budrick has little or no luck with the ladies :(
by cee Dub November 20, 2003

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