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To take extreme extreme caution in being cautious, because being just extremely cautious is not enough. Fuck the CIA, the MIA is the only intelligence we need.
Marlene - Ryuji, hold my shoes
by Cash81 February 5, 2019
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The androgynous term used to describe someone who is too close to be a friend, and you argue too little to just label them as family. They have many coping mechanisms to deal with every day nuances.
yo broffy, do you have a spare hairband ?
by Cash81 January 18, 2019
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The true definition of Salty, in the truest form. To take every day nuances and turn them into bitter, unnecessary situations based on salt. As salt enhances the flavour of food, to Ryuji enhances to the flavour of distasteful situations.
Why are you being so Ryuji? I want to break up
by Cash81 April 30, 2018
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Zerog is a planet where gravity is almost none existent and the sky is pink. Therefore, it is a planet where trees can't fall so there's never anything to hear in the forest. There isn't even a reason to measure your weight. There are no scales in the language of love. The ancient philosophers of Zerog also determined that love, compassion and kindness be the only commandments.
Can we just leave Earth and go to Zerog already, I hate the colour blue.
by Cash81 February 6, 2019
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