A delusional person who every football season will have high hopes for their team but will have their hearts ripped out of their chest from the disaster that is the New York Jets organization
At the start of every season a jets fan will assume the team is gonna have at least 10 wins, little do they know there record will be 4-12
by Bothadeeznutz February 5, 2017
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a person hu seriously believes the jets are a decent football team. they show their pride by wearing jets jerseys to school even after loses. they even go so far as to waste 5 dollars in a football pool by picking the jets to beat the chargers
Mark Kramer asian, Jon Panarella boyish charm, Joe Pollack faggot
by Limz January 8, 2005
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Someone who is unable to afford Giants tickets. Usually because they are uneducated and need their money to pay the mortgage on their trailer home.
Did you have any interest in the Super Bowl this year. "No i am a NY Jets Fan"
by Mr. Meat February 16, 2004
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The only NFL fans who actively hate their team. Don’t bully a Jets fan that’s just mean
Tom: hey look at David over there I’m going to bully him
John: don’t bully him he’s a New York Jets fan
Tom: oh okay
by March 2, 2021
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A person who has no taste in American Football teams, or doesn’t know anything about American Football.

A person who has faith in the worst team in the National Football League. This usually means the person is a complete idiot.
Person 1: “So which football team do you like?”
Person 2: “Thanks for asking, I’m a New York Jets Fan! Hopefully we can win in the next century!”
Person 1: Backs away*
by AJ070706 September 19, 2022
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