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A Company that uses scum tactics in any way possible for revenue gain, including modifying the internet's root servers.
VeriSign used wildcards to make the domain TedKennedyErotica.com valid.
by Carve September 19, 2003
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Am I the first to come up with this?
Hope I'm not violating any trademarks.
Look up: See Blue.
by Carve September 26, 2003
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created by "carve" aka cj ratliff in his early ages of computer use and e-lingo, other words might include: pwn, pwnage, ownd, fawk, and sewp.
roffles my waffles ihop style=
by carve February 10, 2005
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A useful technique to use against newbies and annoying people in which the offender's top jaw is placed on a sidewalk and crushed.
Carrot Top appeared in one too many AT&T ads, he needs a California Smile.
by Carve October 08, 2003
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