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1. An online account to hold currencies
2. 21 savage
3. your mom is in poverty
"I showed this to my Glock
Its now a Rocket Launcher"
2. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 elms in my bank account- 21 savage.
3. I threw that bitch out the window, she finna got no money
4. I have 4$ in my account. Jacob: Nigga I dont care, gimme yo wallet
by CartelRRP May 27, 2018

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When you've raped so many people many times that its contagious.
Moe Lester: Dude, my balls can't handle this shit anymore. I penetrated, cummed, raped, and molested so many woman that my son rapes people now. The last time I saw my son was he walked on me fucking a girl when he was 8.
Joe Lester: Damn, thats pandiculation rape. You sound just like my father, I also raped a bunch of fine gals that it went down to my son.
Moe Lester: Ah. That's real nice.
by CartelRRP November 23, 2018

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a difficult objective that requires luck, chance, perseverance and dedication. You will literally get shredded if your not focusing
Makarov: Dude, Jack. Did you hear what happened yesterday when Bill went to Europe? He was fucking shot down by officers that had guns with article 13 tipped bullets. He barely even got to step outside! They fucking found memes stashed inside his body.
Jack: I've known Bill since I was in kindergarden. He's a complete fucking idiot. HE'S A MEME HIMSELF WHICH PROVES MY POINT. using a meme in europe is illegal and he was definitely a meme. illegal scum..
by CartelRRP November 23, 2018

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A flower of an elderberry used especially in making wines, teas, liqueurs, drugs, homemade explosives, incendiary animate objects, and tight packed crack.
Jackson: Hey Richard, did you get the elderflower stash from last night, we need to produce more tea or else we'll become bankrupt.
Richard: Who said we're making tea? I thought we were getting the good shit.. We boutta become rich with the dr-
Police Officer that busted behind the backdoor, holding a shotgun: Put your fucking hands up! DON'T MOVE!!
by CartelRRP November 23, 2018

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