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Real old-school guy work, like fixing a car, when cars had carburetors, chopping down a tree, digging a hole to bury shit, welding shit together, banging on things until they worked again.
Dude, MAN up. Don't let some other guy do your MANual labor. Get the wrench and hammer out, kick it a few times and then give 'er a whirl.
by Carlos18 December 21, 2011
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numbness of the ear caused by pressing the phone too hard to your face for hours on end listening to webinars.

Also caused by propping the head up, pressing your hand to your ear while listening to endless webcasts and YouTube video clips.
I got webinear already, and we're only half way thru the presentation.
by Carlos18 May 20, 2011
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Any fashion apparel or accessory that is both a wearable item and provides an ecological benefit, such as purse made from solar power producing fabric.
The new dress code in Monte Carlo this year is all ecouture, from bathing suits to purses that will charge and power a cell phone, tablet or other e-device.
by Carlos18 July 14, 2014
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1. to stream video of a wedding to an audience of family and friends attending via computer video interface. There are no actual live guests in attendance. The bride and groom can see all the guests that are viewing, on their computer monitor(s), and vise versa.
I ain't payin' for no 200 person reception. I'll send them a login and a cupcake.
by Carlos18 January 13, 2011
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A guy who is really grumpy and disagreeable. Usually occurs first thing in the morning, when consuming large amounts of alcohol, or while watching sports.
When he gets to boozin', he really gets mantankerous.
by Carlos18 July 22, 2010
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when a guy has big boobs.
Look at the mannory glands on that fella.
by Carlos18 July 22, 2010
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union and fellowship arising from our common interest and persuit of solar energy.
We will hold a solarderity rally in front of the nuclear power plant.
by Carlos18 August 23, 2013
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