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A mythical fairy land inhabited by fantastical creatures.
"I just saw a squirrel outside."
"Hot damn! I didn't know those existed!"
by CannibalGuppy April 24, 2005

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What a girl wears when she is trying to catch the eye of a member of the opposite gender.
My math teacher wore a little black dress to class today. It was scary as hell.
by CannibalGuppy April 02, 2004

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Originally used in card games to designate a card or mechanic which is overly powerful. May also be used to describe something as "too good"
That Academy combo is fucking broken.

That is just plain broken dude.
by Cannibalguppy October 26, 2003

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Without a doubt, the absolute best profession that a person can have. Involves flying around in a small spacecraft and using your various inhuman skills and ridiculously named weapons to shoot down bad spacecraft, preferably piloted by evil aliens. In addition, starfigher pilots must speak in ludicrous pseudo military flight speak. Examples of starfigher pilots exist in Star Wars, Wing Commander, Battlestar Galactica, and The Last Starfighter.

Also the topic of a song by Snow Patrol.
"They came from behind!"
by CannibalGuppy June 03, 2004

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A word once used to mean "overweight", which has now changed meanings. Now it is used by thin white males referring to their sedentary, lethargic, or just plain lazy life styles.
I can't do the dishes, I'm to fat.

Dude, are you saying your so fat that you won't even walk upstairs?
by Cannibalguppy May 30, 2003

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Abbreviation of "What would Ishler do?", meaning to study as much as humanly possible, and then a little bit more.
"I have nothing to do, and I have a chemistry final in a few days. WWID?"
by CannibalGuppy May 01, 2005

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An erudite idiom for beauty incarnate.
"That girl over there, she's a spotted hippo!"
by Cannibalguppy February 28, 2006

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