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15 definitions by Cajun Scientist

Pronounced "TCHOO" - Cajun French for "ass" or "butt." Corruption of the original French "Chou," or "cabbage." Go Figure.
"Maudit fiis-putain, you KEYED MY CAR, and I'm GONNA BUST YOUR TCHEU!!!!!"
by Cajun Scientist March 5, 2010
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The best James Bond film ever made. Features a underwater speargun and knife fight between a bunch of US Navy frogmen and the bad guys in SCUBA gear. Begins well, too, with a one of the bad guys nerve gassing the other people on a nuclear bomber so the eeeevil genius can swipe an H-bomb.
I watched Thunderball on the late show last night... Sean Connery not a senile old fart... amazing.
by Cajun Scientist June 22, 2009
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US Marine Corps slang for the vertical take-off and landing aircraft V-22 Osprey
"Yeah, we had to jump into a hot AO... did it out the ass of a thunderchicken... bitchin."
by Cajun Scientist June 22, 2009
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Soft liquor is off-brand rum, vodka, whisky or other distilled spirits not good enough to drink neat (or mix with gasoline as motor fuel), mixed with sugar not good enough to feed to livestock, poured into gaily coloured bottles and marketed to people who can't or won't drink real liquor. Typical trade names are "Amaretto," "Southern Comfort," "Malibu," and any of the rash (I use the term advisedly) of flavored "vodkas" inflicted on the drinking public. Just about the only liquor made BETTER by mixing with Coke.
"You don't want to go in there... our wives and three other women from their secretarial pool have been guzzling soft liquor all evening, and they're talking about dressing us up like Chippendales... "
by Cajun Scientist March 6, 2013
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A generic term for the poisons of the "Destroying Angel" or "Death Cap" mushroom (Amanita phalloides). The primary and most toxic of these poisons is alpha-amanitin. It kills by destroying the liver and kidneys, as well as other organs in the body by inhibiting RNA polymerase - specifically killing the cells of the body.
"Buddy read somewhere that the people in eastern Siberia got high on amanitine and decided to fry up a Death Cap and have it with fava beans and a nice chianti last week. The viewing is tomorrow, and the funeral is Sunday.... "
by Cajun Scientist November 21, 2013
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(1) CONtinuous OPerationS - military operations which require operators to remain alert for more than twenty-four hours; often requires the use of ProVigil or other stimulants (go-pills) to enable optimum function of operators throughout the span of the operation.

(2) CONcept of OPerationS - the description of how and why any project is undertaken.
(1) "pulling CONOPS sucks after a while... you get the red-eye, the go-pills screw with your appetite... be glad when I rotate back to the world.... "

(2) "The CONOPS on this deal is very clear - highly discrete, no chance of mission creep."
by Cajun Scientist June 23, 2009
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Pronounced "fit-putain" (roughly)

Literally "son of a whore," closer to "son of a bitch" in Cajun French. Means what you'd expect it to mean.
"Look, you little fils-putain, you keyed my car and your ass is mine!"
by Cajun Scientist March 5, 2010
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