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The act of fucking a girl from Sweden in the ass in front of a Denny's while watching Perfect Strangers reruns. Contrary to popular belief, this can be done anytime throughout the day, as Denny's serves breakfast all day long.
I was performing the Indonesian Lumberjack on Heidi when she began to sob about her recently deceased pet goat.
by cabbagelou October 07, 2009

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A band where all of the members are named Larry. They split up due to the erectile dysfunction of one of the members. Larry Jambowitski was the lead guitarist afflicted with the problem. His wedding vegetables became caught in the oven door while trying to feed his dog. The lead vocalist, Larry Vehemently, was arrested for stealing little boys underwear. He spent 11 days in jail. The lead bassist was Larry Appleton. He was murdered by Balki Bartokomous. The drummer, Lance Elott, often referred to as Elephant Tusk was sold into the Peruvian Slut trade.
Lenny : Look at that bag of doughnuts...
Marc: Where are my onion bags?
Lenny: Didn't they sing for Onionbox and the Crotchmonsters?
Anton: Nope...2 skinnee j's
by Cabbagelou July 23, 2009

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A type of sweaty man tit that smells like hot garbage. Often thought of as the best player at the monoploy table and able to serve penis to most dudes. Unable to walk, but very capable of shitting on nuns. Should be avoided at all costs. These boobs started the Holocaust and are responsible for Reganomics.
Trickle down on these cabbage boobs, bitch!
by cabbagelou October 07, 2009

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A person who prefers having sex with tubes of Elmers glue. Often characterized by small children running behind them with constuction paper. Sticky Dick is an often used slang term for them. They are often seen eating pastries in the park while nude. They have small legs and enlarged ass cheeks, known as Rumpasistis. This condition is a result of a chemical in the glue. The Gluebanger will often save his glue tube for multiple uses and create an end-of-the-week protein pudding out of it. This is often unknowingly fed to zebras. They like to play darts.
Cashier : Why are you buying so many glue sticks?

Patron : Because they fit so deliciously in my rectum.

Cashier : Wow! That is nice. You must be a gluebanger.

Patron : Indeed!
by Cabbagelou October 07, 2009

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