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A person who prefers having sex with tubes of Elmers glue. Often characterized by small children running behind them with constuction paper. Sticky Dick is an often used slang term for them. They are often seen eating pastries in the park while nude. They have small legs and enlarged ass cheeks, known as Rumpasistis. This condition is a result of a chemical in the glue. The Gluebanger will often save his glue tube for multiple uses and create an end-of-the-week protein pudding out of it. This is often unknowingly fed to zebras. They like to play darts.
Cashier : Why are you buying so many glue sticks?

Patron : Because they fit so deliciously in my rectum.

Cashier : Wow! That is nice. You must be a gluebanger.

Patron : Indeed!
by Cabbagelou October 07, 2009
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