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A barbeque or burger restaurant where the girls are wearing bras or lingerie. Also known as Breastaurant. Examples are Hooters, Twin Peaks, Kilted Kilt.
Let's grab some brisket for lunch. Is there a good BraBeQue near here? Sure, Twin Peaks is perfect!
Did you hear where Brittany, Katie Lynn and Josie started working when Hooters shut down? I hope they land at another brabeque.
by CTOilMan July 26, 2022
Generic term for someone who looks like a cop, air marshal or any type of law enforcement, but it dressed like a normal person. See: scenes from Bridesmaids, particularly their failed flight to Las Vegas.
Bro, put away the pipe...that guy in the dockers is a total Air Marshal John.
It's fine to drink in public, just look out for Air Marshal John.
Whoa, Air Marshal John alert - that dude in the short-sleeved dress shirt is definitely a cop.
by CTOilMan July 26, 2022
Walking around without a mask on. Traveling without a mask, taking a meeting without a mask. Being in public without a mask. Breathing without a mask on, basically.
Look at Steve, he's just rawdogging air. He'll definitely get Covid.
It was great to be in Texas - everyone was just rawdogging air. You never see that here in California!
Bro, have you flown lately? It's legal to just rawdog air now!
by CTOilMan July 26, 2022
Great, Awesome, Really Cool. Amazeballs. Sweet. Rad.

Can be an adjective or an adverb.
"Our pickleball team is chipped. We're gonna win the season championship."
"Bro, your Camaro is totally chipped - the chicks will be all over you"
by CTOilMan July 26, 2022