Some annoying term Perez Hilton keeps trying to make happen, by saying it repeatedly, even though it makes no sense, and getting twitter followers to try and make it a trending topic, to make himself more famous for no reason.
The fact that someone like Perez Hilton can make six figures by being an annoying douchebag is amazeballs.
by fontpush June 15, 2009
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Something better than amazing

(Typically used by science teachers)
Student: "Mr. Nelson! I passed my test!"
Mr.Nelson: "Oh my gosh! That's amazeballs!"
by strohsicecream November 8, 2019
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A phrase used by only people from twats and degenerates who think they're fucking hipsters
Guy 1: Oh man,this DJ is amazeballs!
Guy 2: Consider suicide
by Syko Steve March 1, 2017
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guy 1: dis is amazeballs

guy 2: lol amazeballs xD, I can't get over that xD

guy 1: yeah ik its like a mix of mothballs and amazon
by Juan 2 April 14, 2022
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A word frequently used by SarahSwartz which is supposed to describe a great person, thing, situation, or anything that happens to be great or pleasurable at the particular time.
Wow Jess, working with you at Policy on these busy weekend nights is amazeballs!
by boinextdoor December 4, 2014
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Something so awesome that amazing is not enough.
Used by Lauren Finelli on MKR to describe anything she cooks.
OMG Carmine I'm so proud of these boiled eggs. They're amazeballs!
by Djeemee April 24, 2016
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Very spectacular, describing something with high regards
That sex was amazeballs
by Amanda duckling January 11, 2014
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