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When you are fucking someone anally who is wearing a necklace you grab it and pull back as hard as you can making them gag and gasp for breathe as you pound them from behind. Sometimes resulting in a pink sock.
Josh: "Haha me and Jen were doing it doggy style last night when i noticed she was wearing her necklace, So i grabbed and yanked back"
Zack: "Haha nice classic jewelin right there."
Josh: "ya except she tighted up her ass when i did it and i pulled out... she got the pink sock it was nasty"
Zach: "Eww."
by C.C.B January 15, 2010
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To complete a "Red Sling" Follow these steps:
1.If your lucky enough to stumble upon a friends moms red thong pick it up.
2.Hide it behind your back and call friend over.
3.Once in range throw red thong at friends face.
4.Upon impact begin laughing as you have just completed the fabled Red Sling.
Zack shouts: "Josh come here for a second!"
Josh: "what ma..*hit in face with red thong*"
Zack: "hahah Red Sling beeeyyyoootttcchhhhh!!"
Josh: "Your fuckin weird man.."
Zack: "I'm not the one sniffin my mom's underwear haha"
Josh: "whatever.."
by C.C.B January 15, 2010
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When you have sex with a girl/guy anally and they have diarrhea or the "runs". Usually resulting in quite a mess so you have the girl/guy eat it after words.
John: "Me and Jen where eating Mexican food all week and when we had sex she had the runs and shit all over me"

Zach: "Eww. What did you do?"

John: "Made her eat it. What else?"

Zach: "Nice, Can't wait tell i can pigslop someone"

John: "One Day man, One day."
by C.C.B January 15, 2010
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After having sexual intercourse you leave your penis inside the womens vagina. Resulting in a wet wrinkly dick.
John: "Dude last night me and Jen had sex i was so exaughted i just decided to soakin and i fell asleep"

Zach: "Awe man, how was that?"

John: "Sucked my dick was all pruney"

Zach: "Ewwwwww"
by C.C.B January 15, 2010
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