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The act of messing around/flirting with a girl (or guy) simply because your bored or no one else worth messing with is around. The act occurs spur of the moment.
-Ey man, why was you messin' with her all yesterday?
-I dunno, sperm of the moment.
-Ohhh, I gotcha.
by C-Hud July 26, 2005

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the act of checking you are ready to go out and you have all the esesntials in your pocket or another safe area(wallet, gum, condom, cell phone, etc.)
Shit! I didn't take a pocket check before the party!
by C-Hud March 03, 2006

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when someone does a stupid, dumbfounded mistake that could have easily been avoided (more specific-spiking the ball on fourth down), made famous by ma boi jaide rose
4th down, 3 seconds,4th down, down by a touchdown, 4 yards to go
Quarterback Rose spikes the ball on fourth down!!! he pulls a rosie!!
by C-Hud November 22, 2005

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