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What a girl says when she's not interested in a relationship with you, but just wants to be friends with you. That is literally it. She does not owe you a relationship, or sex, or anything for you being nice to her. You can't bitch and moan about her "going for the douchebags" or going for guys who will "treat her like shit" because that's just you refusing to believe that any woman /dare/ not be interested in you, so you make yourself believe that it must be something wrong with her.

Sorry, but she's just not interested. Either you move on while being friends, or you stop being friends. You can't turn a yes into a no, no matter how much of a "gentleman" you are.
1: Hey, we seem to enjoy being around each other and share some of the same interests. Would you like to go out some time?
2: No thanks, let's just be friends.
1: I respect your decision and will not bitch and moan about how all girls are sluts who only go for guys who treat them like shit, because I can take a rejection without letting it bother me.
2: Wow, you're a normal human being!
by Butterscotchyyy December 09, 2018
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A highschool in Loxahatchee mostly famous for having recieved multiple threats and had one scandal in which a teacher had a relationship with a student. We even had some fucker run off campus in the middle of lunch. If that doesn’t tell you how shitty the school is I don’t know what will.
Seminole Ridge Highschool is a real shitshow, isn’t it?
by Butterscotchyyy February 18, 2019
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a person who uses the internet in social ways, using social media often, regularly participating in online chats, and plays online multiplayer games; the opposite of an internet introvert
Person 1: (person) is pretty popular on (social media website), I wonder why?
Person 2: He’s just an internet extrovert.
by Butterscotchyyy June 19, 2018
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a person who keeps to themselves on the internet, rarely or never using social media, never understanding internet inside jokes, and preferring to play single player games instead of multiplayer games; the opposite of an internet extrovert
Person 1: This fucker doesn’t understand loss memes, he’s a real internet introvert
by Butterscotchyyy June 19, 2018
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the “invincible” animal that everyone thinks they’re special for knowing it exists, but most people don’t even know what the actual name of the thing is, which is tardigrade
Hey dude have you heard of this thing called the water bear? It’s invincible and can survive in any environment and-

Shut the FUCK up
by Butterscotchyyy July 01, 2018
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