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The one place in Florida where you find one of everything.
One gas station!
One store!
One sidewalk on one side of the one asphalted road!!!
One black person!
Jeez this must be Loxahatchee.
by Jnan April 06, 2011
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rednecks, big trucks, even bigger sluts, horses, two shopping plazas, one gas station, one high school, no fun. (and to top it all off, it's also a cancer cluster.)
"where are you from?"
"never heard.."
"West Palm Beach."
"ohhhh okay."
by loxsurvivor March 18, 2011
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The part of Palm Beach County that almost no one knows about and no one knows how to pronounce. We have one (1) shopping center, and roughly 30,000 people. In the late 1990's and early 2000's, a couple of late baby boomers and generation x couples moved out of various parts of Florida to raise their children here because it was spacious and on acre lots. Others followed. But it turns out that it's too spacious here. There's rednecks and conservatives everywhere. It's very common to see the confederate flag flying in someone's yard. There's nothing to do, so all the hypebeasts (teenagers) out here smoke weed or do other various activities. You either meet people who absolutely love it here or dread it. If your parents don't own a small business, one of them is either a firefighter, teacher, or a police officer. The schools get amazing test scores somehow, even though every student gets fairly horrible grades. We probably have a 0% crime rate, but since almost every parent grew up in some place like Broward, they treat the place like it's Detroit. As a bonus, we have our own Facebook group of white moms complaining about various activities ITID won't do anything about. Good luck finding a job. Publix will most likely not hire you.

Oh yeah, there's also a cancer cluster out here
Person 1: Did you hear about the cancer cluster in Loxahatchee?

Person 2: Whats a Lucks-a-scratch-ee?
by Loxlife February 08, 2018
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