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1. The sixth month.

2. In Japan, an early publication featuring male/male stories in the tanbi style. People used to refer to the category of male/male relationships targeted at the female audience as June, but since that was a trade name for a magazine, that meaning of the term has fallen into disuse. The category has evolved and changed so much and the types of stories so varied that the entire category is now called BL by the industry and most fans. In some places, including Comiket, original stories are still called 'sousaku (original) June'.
1. My birthday is in June.

2. June is a thing of the past...
by Bunneh February 01, 2004
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This a an adjective. It means the biggest fucktard in the world. Cuz he is a homo
The chicken over their is memcock.
by Bunneh March 14, 2004
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Boys' love (BL) is the common term used by the publishing industry to categorize works focusing on male/male relationships marketed at women. Historically these works were referred to as June, but most commercial works are now called BL. It is used as an umbrella term for:

-both commercial and amateur works
-works with no sex
-works with sex
-doujinshi about adolescents with little or no sex
-works in all types of media - manga, anime, novels, games, and drama CDs
-characters of all ages (not limited to 'boys')
-related terms such as yaoi, shounen ai, tanbi, June, and original June

While early fans of BL were probably fans of doujinshi, most Japanese fans on the net these days appear to be fans of commercial BL work - there are over a hundred such works published every month, more than two-thirds of them novels and the rest manga. BL novels are immensely popular - the number of novels published each month outnumbers pmanga tankoubon by about 2 to 1.
Gravitation is a great example of BL.
by Bunneh February 01, 2004
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A weak, talentless player who in order to increase his/her own kill count relies on respawning players as easy targets.
We have a 'spawncamper' in our base!
Someone get that spawn camper!
by Bunneh July 09, 2003
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Shounen-ai is an obsolete term. Shounen-ai refers to stories about strong relationships between pubescent or pre-pubescent boys. The stories featured angsty, poetic, platonic or romantic relationships. It is used only to point to shoujo manga written in the 70's and early 80's by authors such as Hagio Moto, Takemiya Keiko, etc. (Titles such as Gymnasium in November, Heart of Thomas, and Song of Wind and Trees.) Shounen-ai is no longer written, ceased to exist as a sub-category of shoujo long ago, and this term has long since fallen into disuse. Later stories with male/male sexual relationships are termed yaoi, tanbi, june, or boys' love.

Shounen-ai is NOT the same term as boys' love.

The current common usage of shounen-ai in Japan is to refer to adults who like young boys (i.e. pedophiles).
Why are Americans always so misinformed?
by Bunneh February 01, 2004
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Tanbi is no longer written. Tanbi is a word meaning 'the worship and pursuit of beauty'. It was used to describe the early male/male stories that mainly ran in June. June was heavily influenced by a well-known author and literary critic who used multiple pen names, so many of the stories utilized a high literary style. These stories came to be called tanbi - stories written for beauty and pursuit of beauty only. Tanbi style includes flowery language and uncommon kanji/words, which makes it a difficult read for foreigners.

The tanbi style is mainly a thing of the past. It has been replaced by BL stories - mass written, easy-to-read stories. Even authors known for their tanbi works like Yoshihara Rieko (Ai no Kusabi) now write mainstream BL and no longer use tanbi style. It's probably because tanbi, like its name, pursues beauty both in language and storyline. It's not simple and fast-paced like the modern BL stories.

Tanbi is like shounen ai, no longer written but important in the evolution of modern BL.

Tanbi sometimes is used interchangeably with boys' love by bookstores, but that's an old usage.
Ai no Kusabi was lovely.
by Bunneh February 01, 2004
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