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a set of big ol' titties
Matt's mom has a set of big ol' titties
by Buckshot July 23, 2003

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a person that has set themself apart with ridiculously shady behavior.

a geek.

Mark Wright couldn't be more of a nooge if he tried.
by Buckshot April 01, 2003

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Very handsome, good sense of humor, good listener, childish at times and very romantic but afraid to talk to his crush
Axxel is so happy and funny today
by BuckShot September 01, 2014

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Millions. A lot of money.
The term brewsters originates from the film "Brewster's Millions". Most commonly used in inner city London.
I don't get it. Beckham makes brewsters, even though he's a kak player
by Buckshot October 01, 2004

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Hideous. Really, really ugly. Although the precise origin is unknown, fingers is frequently used in inner city South London, usually to describe a shockingly unattractive woman.
Oh my gosh, that flabby mess you pulled last night was fingers
by Buckshot September 30, 2004

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