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A Sexican is a red-hot Latina babe. Lace-top, miniskirt and black stiletto heels are common wear. The real hot ones sport go go boots.. They can also be referred to as a Chula. They wear lots of eye liner and luscious red lipstick.
If you want to see a Sexican lady hot Mexican, check out

"Habanera Big Tank featuring Glow" on YouTube
by Brian Thoryk January 24, 2013
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High, I just posted the most amazing hipster video of all time on YouTube. It's called "Hipster The Get Down" and I would love for you to post it under the word Hipster. It also has a ton of other great scenes with the tag words below. Please check it out
Nature hipster, Urban Hipster, JFK Hipster
by Brian Thoryk January 19, 2013
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A Wizard Stick is usually constructed of tall boy PBR beer cans. As The Hipster drinks, he/she tapes the empty beer cans together to create a cane of some sort.
You can witness the use of a Wizard Stick in the new Hipster Parody video called "Hipster The Get Down" now on YouTube. It's totally out of control.
by Brian Thoryk January 22, 2013
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Currently sported by the Hipster, the Ironic Mustache resembles that of a Wild West Bartender. Large and long, it starts out thick then tapers down to curled, pointy, rounded, waxed tips. The Ironic Mustache can stand alone or be accompanied by a burly beard. Look for one, they're currently all around you...
Yuppie- "Hey, what's up with that dude over there with the crazy mustache?"

Yuppie's friend- "Oh that's a Hipster and that's actually called an Ironic Mustache!"

See great examples of an Ironic Mustache in the Hipster video "Hipster The Get Down" now on YouTube.
by Brian Thoryk January 28, 2013
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A huge, burly, unkept beard worn by a Hipster. It should never be trimmed or manicured in any way. Wherever the hair grows, you let it grow. This includes cheeks, under the chin and the neck if hair follicles exist. A Face Fro can also be worn by a lumber jack, biker or a metal dude.
Girl: WTF is on that guy's face over there?!?!
Girl's friend- Can you even imagine making out with a face fro like that?!
by Brian Thoryk January 29, 2013
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