14 definitions by Bree

Describes someone's tongue that is really long or penis-shaped.
That dude over there has a Donkton.

That guy's dog has a Donkton.
by Bree February 02, 2005
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hysterical with laughter
When she tripped in front of the whole class, she had me bangin' up!
by Bree February 26, 2005
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everything having to do with being fake;
presenting only an appearance without substance or significance
bree is so superficialic
by bree April 17, 2004
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Real fresh or nice, (same as off da hook)
"Yo gurl yo new weave is phat."
"Homeboy fly and got a phat ride too!"
by Bree December 07, 2003
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something/someone that is really really flat
Damn look at that girl her ass is a pancake!@#$%
by BrEe November 27, 2003
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Perfect Sperm
Rico wanted to put his Wow Wee Juice on my Chest.
by Bree May 22, 2003
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Commonly known as Bree.
One who is unbelievably awesome and cannot be compared to anyone else.
I cannot believe you just did that! You are so too cool for words!
by Bree April 06, 2004
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