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Someone who fears, hates or resents people with prejudices against others
"I hate racists, and sexists and homophobics. I guess I'm all-round prejudiphobic"
by Bravura October 09, 2003
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A very small amount of something, sometimes used in the shortened form <i>smidge</i>
Aw, give us a smidge of that cake!
by Bravura July 23, 2004
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When you suddenly and unexpectedly lose the ability to perform a simple, everyday task, and then follow by messing up the attempt completely.
For example, one could be holding a cup of coffee and instead of raising it as intended to your mouth, you fling it across the room.
"Man, did you see that? I yipped a treat just there!"
by Bravura July 23, 2004
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