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A 'polite' name for a toilet. To some extent, the 'British' equivalent of the American 'bathroom'.
Desperate for a pee, Sara politely asked her host to show her where the lavatory was.
by Boris2 February 25, 2009
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A specially shaped container for people who cannot leave their bed to defecate ('poop') or urinate ('pee') into. Bedpans are usually made of plastic or metal.
When Sally was in hospital with two broken legs, she had to stay in bed. When she wanted to go to the toilet, the nurse put a bedpan under her bottom. Sally peed and pooped into the bedpan.
by Boris2 February 25, 2009
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A bowel motion (or bowel action) is what results when a person defecates (see defecation), or passes solid or semi-solid material ('poo') from the anus.

Most people have one bowel motion ('poo') each day, but the usual range in the population varies from three or four bowel motions a day to one a week.

The type of bowel motions produced can be an indication of the health of the person passing them. For example, people who are constipated produce hard turds because their digestive system is sluggish and a great deal of water is absorbed in the large intestine from the 'poo'. On the other hand, people with diahorrea have watery bowel motions. If you notice blood in your bowel motions, you should see a doctor.

See also fecal mass.
Lara went to the doctor because she was constipated and hadn't had a bowel motion (or 'poo') for ten days. She normally went to the toilet to 'poo' once a day. The doctor gave her a laxative, and she had a bowel motion the next day.
by Boris2 February 21, 2009
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The simplest squat toilet is simply a hole in the ground or floor. Some squat toilets are more elaborate, but they all require the user to squat over a hole and to defecate into the hole.

Squatting is the normal position for defecation, because the lower part of the colon is well positioned for easy bowel motions. In contrast, western-style toilets may be more convenient than squat toilets, but they don't position the user as well for defecation.

Some doctors recommend that people who are constipated should put their feet on a pile of books or a small stool when using the toilet, as this forces the body into a type of squatting position.
When Sally went camping in the bush, she made a squat toilet by digging a hole in the ground. She squatted over the hole and defecated into it.
by Boris2 February 22, 2009
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An Australian term for a toilet consisting of a deep hole in the ground with a toilet seat above it. Often used in camping sites where there is no plumbing.
When she sat on the longdrop toilet, Sally's turds fell five feet before they hit the bottom of the hole.
by Boris2 February 25, 2009
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Used as a verb, this means to defecate (or poop). The act of passing feces from the anus.
Annette needed to poop badly, so she had a crap in the toilet.
by Boris2 February 26, 2009
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