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1.Has balls to say what he thinks.

2.Able to go to school and get good grades and at the same time at night, to party his ass off.


4.Who hates americans who doesnt know what russia is but the first ones to talk shit
""ohh you dirty russian comunist""

wow gfg guys STFU.
by BOP March 11, 2004

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a word used when you just dont feel like saying ne-thing to someone its kind of like a way to just stop a conversation...
Yo give me my shit back !


Who's that guy u know him?


Did u do the history homework?

by Bop March 23, 2004

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the hottest style of hair pertaining to guys. it occurs when the hair is grown out in front long enought to swoop over the eyes.
wow. look at that hot guy over there, he has sports the emo swoop
by bop March 10, 2005

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