Kelly Rowland is a talented and beautiful black woman who is a former memeber is the group Destiny's Child. She has a new album out called Ms. Kelly.
Person 1: "Hey you heard that new Kelly Rowland song with Eve?"

Person 2: "Yeah that's my jam! She is gone be bigger than Beyonce!"
by Detroit_Chick August 31, 2007
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Definition- Down for whatever

Following the Hit song by Kelly Rowland.

The phrase is a substitute for ‘Down for whatever’.
‘Are you up for a few drinks tonight?’

‘I’m Kelly Rowland!’
by Groomister December 26, 2018
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That actually talented portion of Destiny's child back in the day. Didnt get as much shine as B cause she didnt have her titties falling out her shirt during every performance.
Beyonce's Sasha Fierce album slaughtered Kelly Rowland's Ms Kelly by trading in lyrics and singing talent for oiled up ass shaking, floor humping, and tacky sunglasses in every video.
by ForRealYall June 26, 2011
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The chick who will forever be remember as the girl in Beyonce's shadow; a wannabe Beyonce.
Kelly Rowland let Beyonce Knowles take advantage of her due to the fact that she was blinded by "friendship."
by ~*Foxy Lady*~ October 16, 2006
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a woman who used to be in destinys child but now features as a judge on the x factor. She is silly as she sent home amelia lily instead of sophie habibis :( this is stupid.
from now on, any stupid decisions will be referred to as a 'kelly rowland"
oh yeah.. she did a kelly rowland!
what a kelly rowland thing to do!
by iwilldestroyyou;) October 10, 2011
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Kelly Rowland was flat af before breast implants. Instead of telling people how flat they are, tell them that they are a Kelly Rowland.
Keaton: Bro, I finally got her shirt off, and she looked like such a Kelly Rowland.

Daryl: I told you they were like mosquito bites on her chest.
by 420 praise it November 20, 2016
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