5 definitions by Bob the Sheep

A provincial, affectionate term for a man with characteristics somewhat similar to Sue Ellen Ewing from the TV series Dallas.
That Sue Ellen is a pure legend.
by Bob the Sheep September 06, 2009
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An older person. Often used facetiously to younger people, generally with affection.
Look at you, ye aul beg ye!
by Bob the Sheep May 08, 2007
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A name often given to the British presence, partiularly the British army, in Northern Ireland. Relates to the perceived British control on the six counties of Ireland which are part of the UK, as opposed to the other 26 counties which are part of the Republic of Ireland. An Irish Nationalist viewpoint suggests that this occupation is unfair or illegal.
The occupying forces continue to control the six counties of Ireland.
(a viewpoint expressed mainly by nationalists in Ireland)
by Bob the Sheep September 07, 2005
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A Social Security office where benefit claimants go to sign for benefit payments such as dole (or unemployment benefit)
I'm off down to the dole office to pick up my cheque
by Bob the Sheep June 29, 2005
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A slang term for penis. Derived from willy
Steekling, who's got a bigger wilden... Declan or the Duchess?
by Bob the Sheep March 15, 2009
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