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definition: frontman of the possibly dyslexic band 'Limp Bizkit'(sic.)

defining characteristics: red cap, baggy trousers, angry, loud, bit of a muthafucker

comment: Fred Durst really isn't that bad of a guy, a mon avis. I in fact admire his 'don't give a fuck' attitude, and believe it or not, don't think he actually takes himself as seriously as a lot of other definitions seem to imply. At the end of the day, some people must like him and his L.I.M.P chums, cos he's bloody rich and gets to pimp around in a Bentley all day. fair play to the lad.
1.Yorkshire Man: i fookin' hate Fred Durst, he's wank.

Open Minded music fan: hey mate, check yourself before you wreck yourself. muthafucker...

2. Fred Durst gets a rap from his critics.

3. Fred Durst is f-ilarious.

4. Some of Fred Durst's lyrics have to be heard to be believed.
by Boxman July 26, 2004

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Continuing the highly commendable tradition of other 'f truncations', such as f-ilarious and f-unlucky, 'f-athetic' is generally used as an adjective, or as an adverb 'f-athetically'. It can be used by itself as a cutting insult or as an expression of extreme annoyance.
It is of course an amalgamation of the words 'fucking' and 'pathetic', used when time and utter condemnation is of the essence.
'F-athetic' ought to be reserved for instances where the utmost scorn must be poured on whoever or whatever has been singled out for this most harsh of criticisms.
1. The Clifton has been turned into a trendy wine-bar? F-athetic.

2. NME would do ANYTHING, literally ANYTHING, for an exclusive interview with Franz Ferdinand. It's absolutely f-athetic.

3. Political correctness is destroying this country, you just can't speak your mind anymore. It's f-athetic.

4. The 'gang wars' of the UK Garage scene (for reference see Stay Locked On), are f-athetic.
by Boxman August 04, 2005

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Loosely translates as "I'm out", and can be applied to various situations.

This is a reference to the the default investment position of Duncan Bannatyne, a Scottish entrepreneur who currently sits on the panel of 'Business Angels' on the British version of the tv programme 'Dragons' Den'.

Bannatyne is well known as being one of Dragons who is more reluctant to invest, and can rapidly dismiss a pitch for a variety of reasons, always with the declaration "I'm out".
Bizarrely, however, he has made some of the stranger investment decisions seen on the programme, such as when he bought into a shop in Leicester which sold caps.
Flatmate 1: "See you later mate, I'm Bannatyne"
Flatmate 2: "cool, where you off to?"
Flatmate 1: "I'm going to Theo Paphitis' book signing"
Flatmate 2: "no worries, catch you later"

"this party's rubbish, I'm Bannatyne"

Chap 1: "so I was wondering how to end things with my girlfriend last night, and it suddenly came to me"
Chap 2: "oh yeah, what did you say?"
Chap 1: "I'm Bannatyne. She knew what I meant. Still cried a lot though..."

Budding Entrepreneur 1: "I've just invented a machine which prints money and I've been subcontracted by the Royal Mint..."
Bannatyne (immediately cuts in): "Sorry, but I'm out".

Bannatyne: "So, you manufacture chocolate tea-pots and lead balloons"
Budding Entrepreneur 2: "yep, I'm really confident that with your experience and contacts we can really take this somewhere"
Bannatyne: "I'm in".
by Boxman March 20, 2008

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The finest pub in all the Land. With its 'characteristic' décor, friendly bar staff, Weakest Link machine and £1 pints on Mondays and Tuesdays, you need look no further for your drinking requirements.
1. Mate, you coming to t'Clifton for a few beers?

2. I love The Clifton.

3. Let's go to The Clifton and rinse the Weakest Link machine for all it's worth.
by Boxman December 22, 2003

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origin: truncation of the two words 'fucking' and hilarious'
used when there is minimum time, for maximum impact, as there are only 4 syllables instead of six.
definition: something that has greatly amused you, or continues to do so, would be described as 'f-ilarious'
1. The Office (UK series) is f-ilarious. The US version however, will not be.
2. It was f-ilarious when that drunken fool started ripping down the posters outside my room last night.
3. The world can be made much simpler by using truncated words such as f-hilarious
by Boxman April 13, 2004

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Several definitions, all derived from Phil Mitchell's pronunciation of the word 'slapper'. Phil Mitchell is, of course, a character from the BBC soap-opera 'EastEnders'.

1. a) A 'slapper'. Derogatory colloquial slang for a female commonly found in the Home Counties of England. Generally between the ages of 16 and 30 (though not exclusively), they can't handle their alcohol and their moral standards are lower than their boob-tubes and looser than their g-strings (due to repeated removal).
1. b) A 'slapper' when referring to a male. Generally a piss-take by the person in question's 'mates'.

2. A form of footwear, generally warm and 'cosy'. Most suited to watching daytime telly when there is nothing else to do.
1 a) Watch out lads, the Bacardi Breezer crew are out tonight, and they're all complete schlippers.
1.b) Dave's pulled everyone in his tutorial group, the schlipper.

2. I love my schlippers. Perfect for watching Richard and Judy on both of my days off.
by Boxman December 22, 2003

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A person who pulls total bitch moves.
A person who acts like a bitch.
A person who is greedy like a bitch.
A person who has sand in their vagina.
John: OMG jay didnt invite me to the party
Sally: What a Bitch Guy

Jennifer: jackie is always mean to me
Ashley: i know right what a total bitch.. GUY!!
by BoXmAn March 07, 2012

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