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a trick used by fake parole officers to detect if someone smokes weed if there's a false pass. it involves giving someone a blunt, and if they accept, their ass is getting sent to jail. a term coined by ghetto smosh
"pretend to be that ni🅱️🅱️a's parole officer, and give him a drug test. and if he fails, send that ni🅱️🅱️a to prison. and if he passes, trick him with the... bluntjob"
- Ghetto Smosh Snoop Dogg, 2022
by BlitzRain October 1, 2022
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(UK slang)

A term in place of "what the hell?". Could also be used to insult someone.
by BlitzRain September 17, 2023
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"Oh my god! He just got kicked right in the slobber knockers!
by BlitzRain April 1, 2023
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They had some great mockey moose
by BlitzRain December 21, 2021
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(nothern ireland slang) used to insult someone's footwear.
gutties - refrencing someone's shoes
scrappers - referencing the shittiness of them
man from belfast wearing crosshatch: "say it again go, SAY IT AGAIN"
belfast bouncer: "your gutties are scrappers there i said it again"
man from belfast wearing crosshatch: "ya wee tramp"
by BlitzRain October 29, 2022
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Fuck the ass and suck the dick. Prevalent in gay sex.
bro i just had some fuck n' suck and IT WAS AMAZING
by BlitzRain July 13, 2022
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Singing with your penis. Not to be confused with shoving stuff up the urethra.
I was challenged to a rap battle but I had lost my voice so I tried sounding.
by BlitzRain July 12, 2022
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