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When multiple dickheads flock into a certain, place, fandom or hobby, transforming it into a clusterfuck of assholery. They will then anally rape it until it is sore, rotten and a genuinely bad place for everyone.
Joe: Did you see what the SJW invasion did to Marvel Comics?
Rex: Yeah. Once they began cluster-flock to it, it was only a matter of time.
by Blarg-chicka-honk-honk March 12, 2018
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A condition that some feral creatures in the furry community suffer from. Despite being four legs (therefore built like normal animals), they have somehow been born with (usually) over-sized gazongas on their upper chest. This definition is derived from the original huge-boobed version of skylanders Cynder, AKA Skynder. Also, what the FUCK were you thinking, Activision? There are Feminists who play that game with the emasculated and/or man-hating kids! Don't you know Feminists are allergic to huge tits? You should have pandered by making her a land whale, not a goth!!!
Oh, MY FUCKING GOD! Not another four-legged animal with Skynder Syndrome! I mean, COME ON! At LEAST give your characters PROPER anatomy!

*goes on the furry website and makes a journal*
Ugh, your community is so disgusting. Fuck this, I'm never logging into one of these damn furfag websites again! Yiff in hell, you little xenophiles.
*makes a journal two days later*
BAWWW! I'm sorry for being such a drama-causing little shit-stain! Please forgive me! #FurryDrama #:( #Sorry #Yiffisgreat
by Blarg-chicka-honk-honk June 3, 2017
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Bindel Effect

Named after Julie Bindel's infamous "put men in concentration camps" quote. Similar to the Streisand Effect, this is the name for when a shithead SJW says something that makes them sound like a psycho or asshole, then claims it was a joke or removes it from the internet to cover their saggy ass after receiving backlash from everyone who isn't a dick. It is prominent with certain types of nut-jobs as well, but for different reasons.
"Did you hear what Clara said? Apparently she believes everyone who's anti-feminism should be sterilized."
"...I thought that was a joke."
"Ah, the Bindel Effect strikes again."
by Blarg-chicka-honk-honk October 30, 2017
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A rare specie of woman who, although dedicated to her boyfriend, has a sex-drive fit for the average female Velociraptor during mating season. She will constantly fuck her man (usually having a massive sex drive himself) until the point of soreness for both of them. The moment the ointment takes effect, they will start fucking again. Birth control is a very important factor in a relationship with this type of woman.
"Wow... did you see the way Shauna was fucking Derek during the entire vacation? She didn't look at any other guys, either. There's only one thing that can mean..."
*dramatic pause*
"We have encountered the elusive one-man slut. "
by Blarg-chicka-honk-honk August 13, 2017
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