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a little kids game (a rip off of spyro) that makes kids buy toys to play, wastes your money ( starter packs cost $70.00!) and bribes kids to buy it so activision can capture them with their hypnotysing little kid game (spyro is much better)
man one: hey dude i got a new game called skylanders giants!

man two: dude don't play it! return it right now!

1: why?

2: it is a rip off of a good game! don't let activision bribe you
by spyrothesecond December 31, 2012
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Skylanders. A game that parents would do anything to erase it from existence. It pulls kids in, with these colourful and coo-coo characters, to put them on a plastic toy called the "Portal of Power". Put the toys on, it sends in game. Sounds like a nice concept, right? But activision took it a step further and made MILLIONS of these characters, that are overpriced. And what do you get when you complete the game, with your team of over 100 cheap plastic toys? Knowing there is not going to be dinner on the table because of the massive debt your parents own BECAUSE you had to bail out just because "It's the last one, pleaseeeeeee?"
But don't take it from me. Like it or hate it, I'm not going to judge you. Wait, I think I already judged. Sh*t.
"Portal Masters! We need you to buy more Skylanders to help fight chaos!"

*Helps the store selling them instead.*
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by _Diabetes_ December 19, 2016
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