The gunk or smegma that collects on the end of a dilator, speculum, or other medical device inserted into the vagina.
I know it's just a bunch of slime and dead skin, but bindel still makes me nauseous.
by one-six-one June 3, 2022
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Bindel Effect

Named after Julie Bindel's infamous "put men in concentration camps" quote. Similar to the Streisand Effect, this is the name for when a shithead SJW says something that makes them sound like a psycho or asshole, then claims it was a joke or removes it from the internet to cover their saggy ass after receiving backlash from everyone who isn't a dick. It is prominent with certain types of nut-jobs as well, but for different reasons.
"Did you hear what Clara said? Apparently she believes everyone who's anti-feminism should be sterilized."
"...I thought that was a joke."
"Ah, the Bindel Effect strikes again."
by Blarg-chicka-honk-honk October 30, 2017
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