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The acronym for the southern rock/metalcore band Every Time I Die
bobby: Wow i was listening to ETID today and they are mad cool!
Ted: wtf is ETID?
Bobby: It's short for every time i die you fool
by Blaineyson August 21, 2006
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When you're on the surfing the internet and being led to one page from another by interesting links. It becomes an internet adventure when you forget where you started from.
Ted: I was google imaging "fishing cat" and five webpages later I found myself on /b/

Ricky: That must have been a scary internet adventure
by Blaineyson September 9, 2007
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(shin-fo) noun.
Information that just isn't needed.
ie. shitty information.

Coined by band members of Every Time I Die.
Mike is talking about 18 visions.
Keith: Hey I'm going to smoke a Camel Light.
Andy: Shinfo.
Random girl: I think I'll do that too.
Andy: Double shinfo
by Blaineyson October 27, 2006
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