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From what I can tell, it's another word for prickly/irritated/aloof/stand-offish.

(I do not know it's actual meaning or definition, this is just what I think it means based off context used, I've looked and asked but no-one seems to know it's actual definition.)
"You can come with me, so you don't have to be stuck with that aniany guy"
"I hate when he gets stab wounds, he's always so aniany"
"Yes, I didn’t get any sleep, and what story?" She barked

"See? Being all aniany"
by BitchLikeIcareYipYip February 28, 2021
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This word can refer to a parasite that prefers human hosts over animal ones.
Same can be said for insects that prefer human blood over animal.

And even animals can have this, for example, some birds and animals have made courting attempts to humans but not to their own species (e.g. Ostriches, a panda, falcon birds especially, ect)

Basically, it means 'Preferring humans over animals'
Some mosquitoes have Anthropophilia and people are trying to figure out which ones are which to help with disease elimination efforts.

(Technically that sentence should be: Mosquitos are Anthropophilic but urban dictionary wants me to use the title word so... look I can't think of a sentence that would include that word, it's a very specific word ok!?)
by BitchLikeIcareYipYip November 8, 2021
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Person 1: Yo! Wanna watch Love Me If You Dare? It's a C-Drama
Person 2: Sure!
by BitchLikeIcareYipYip February 18, 2019
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A thing that's said when a character has a very mild reaction to something that is weird/unusual.

The phrase "Only in a Ghibli movie" is from the Nostalgia Critic in his review of Ponyo.
*Water has eyes and then disappears*
character: That was weird.
Person watching the movie: Only in a Ghibli movie...
by BitchLikeIcareYipYip May 20, 2019
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A chapter that takes a break from the plot, like filler episodes in anime.
Person 1: Man, that chapter was boring
Person 2: That, my son, was a breather chapter, we literally had, like, 10+ chapters filled with plot, let the story breathe.
by BitchLikeIcareYipYip May 23, 2019
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Typically a rating for a piece of content like a movie or Tv show. It's also known as the 'U' or 'Universal' rating.

It means that the content can be viewed by people of all ages (and if we're being technical, that means ages 4 and up)
Person 1: Do you have any good movies that are for All Audiences? I want to watch a movie with my 4 year old.
Cashier: Yes we do, Finding Nemo is a good classic, it's rated U so it should be fine to watch with your child
by BitchLikeIcareYipYip April 21, 2021
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