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the greatest band in the world, that is all you need to know.
"Mindless Self Indulgence rocks my socks off"

"If it were not for MSI, i wouldnt know how to spell indulgence"

"Let me burn your mindless self indulgence cd"

"Jimmy cought my lighter"
by Bill+Pot=High March 08, 2004

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The Super-human Super Hero from the hit television show "DOUG"
Quail Man vs. Whackhammer
by Bill+Pot=High March 04, 2005

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One who studies the ways of the bubble trouble.
I'm a bubbletrobologist.

I've heard through the grape vine that hes a bubbletrobolist.

I just beat level 22. I am a bubbletrobologist

You can't beat this bubbletrobologist.
by Bill+Pot=High March 27, 2004

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A Mystical style of spirutual dance with hoola hoops,treenuts and peanuts. One whom performs this dance is commonly know as Gibletotrons
The Gibletotron is about to perform the Shanonanodance.

Hey Fruits! Lets Shanonanodance the night away!

Whats New Pussy Cat? WHOAA WHOOAAA
by Bill+Pot=High November 24, 2004

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Any general reaction to anything that happens in a daily basis. There is no limit with this one, folks.
::alarm clock goes off:: AAWWW PUTEERSHMITS!

::won tickets to the local zoo:: AWWWWWWWW PUTEERSHMITS!

::found a good deal on a tobleron at the supermarket:: OOOHHHHH PUTEERSHMITS!

::Spandau Ballet suddenly comes on the radio:: AAAAAAWWW PUTEERSHMITS!
by Bill+Pot=High March 01, 2005

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He whom that perfoms the Shanonanodance only on specific and/or general ocasions.
Look at the size of his puteershimt...he has to be a Gibletotron.

I have a four year degree in Gibletotronology.

Today is national Broomstix Day in Cambodia, i need my Gibletotron atire to be ironed!
by Bill+Pot=High November 24, 2004

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derived from late late Mox-osis, It means frabalabadingdong.
Its Time to fridgeurtidgeurbit.

Have you seen his fridgeurtidgeurbit?

I Have a chrush on that fridgeurtidgeurbitous boy over there.

His fridgeurtidgeurbit is bigger than mine.

I Wonder what his fridgeurtidgeurbit taste like
by Bill+Pot=High November 03, 2004

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