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NumbSkull is a term used to insult someone. The person recieving the insult is usually dumb and doesnt have much clue on what there doing.
Tom "Oi Andy ur such a NumbSkull for fucking sheree"
Andy "why?!"
Tom " she's got gohnerea"
Shap " you NumbSkull"
by Big Hesk April 8, 2019
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A hep is a nickname govern to those who have squeaky voiceshigh pitch. Also majority of heps h
Are obese and are below 3ft 4'
Guy1 "look at that kid he's so fat, small and squeaky "

Guy2 " yehhe must be a Hep "
Guy3 "i love sheree"
by Big Hesk August 31, 2018
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Duncs is a word used to insult someone who has ginger hair and a fat head, usually having quite a large gut belly. A duncs is normally pale and has sexual interests to pale women .
"Oi jezza look at that duncs "
by Big Hesk August 30, 2018
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