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Someone who while having a dick in their mouths, can communicate effectively with others, and can also hear what others are saying while they have dicks in their mouths.
Everyone is well aware that Bryan Jones is a true Dick Whisperer.
by BetterThanYou717 June 07, 2010

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When a mans penis is so small it resembles a large female clitoris
That guy has a clittle dick
by BetterThanYou717 April 19, 2016

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Someone, usually a marsupial, who enjoys ramming their hands up other people's asses, all the way to the knuckles. This will of course cover the assailants hand in muck, leading to the obvious name
Bryan Jones doesn't care how old or what sex you are, he will jam you up the pooper hard, he is known as THE Muck Knuckler.
by BetterThanYou717 June 07, 2010

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someone who without your knowledge or consent, forces a penis upon you with intent to rape and or injure. This is done very stealthily, the equivalent of the ninja buttfuck.
Watch out for Jason Pettengill, last night he sneak dicked his brother, hit him hard with the ninja buttfuck
by BetterThanYou717 May 27, 2010

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Cunnilingus of barely legal or illegal status, exhibiting immature features like those of a pre-teen.
At 3p.m. Jameson Martin cruises past the local schools, hoping to score some kindercunt.
by BetterThanYou717 June 05, 2010

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