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Ollie Langmead.
Meaning..very fuckable..with a nice ass..and is just plain fucking hot.

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The most fuckable person on earth.
''Dood! Did you just see Ollie? Damn that guy is so fuckalicious!''.
by Bethy July 08, 2004

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1. (n.) a term for a redneck to use while rednecks are in earshot, used to describe them without fear of getting shot with an absurdly large rifle. 2. (adj.) to describe things that are redneck-esque.
This wrestling even would be far more enjoyable if there weren't so many putats in attendance.
by bethy January 12, 2004

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so jank it's ridiculous
Man, that fucking hat is rejankulous
by Bethy November 30, 2004

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(1) containing the elements of adorable and ridiculous (2) somthing that is at once cute, but absurd (3) used to describe suggestions, thoughts, and actions made by Joe
Joe's quirky comments are so adoridiculous!
by Bethy January 26, 2005

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the act of being bazzed.

when you're bending over for your man and he calls you fat and slaps your raggety ass around, and you like it, don't you bitch?
"Wow. That shit was bazastic."
by Bethy December 08, 2004

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a wrestling move, done well by only a few
Billy Kidman's SSP sucks; Paul London's is far superior.
by bethy January 12, 2004

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1. (n.) all-purpose word, much like "smurf" in The Smurfs canon.
I'm having a nicotine fit so I'm going to go smoke a juegrro.

Dude, look at all the juegrros in here.

Don't be such a juegrro!
by bethy January 12, 2004

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