1. (n.) a term for a redneck to use while rednecks are in earshot, used to describe them without fear of getting shot with an absurdly large rifle. 2. (adj.) to describe things that are redneck-esque.
This wrestling even would be far more enjoyable if there weren't so many putats in attendance.
by bethy January 12, 2004
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(n) 1. A situation so messed up it makes you scream "puta madre!"

2. A Marine from 4th LSB, who doubles as a mma cage fighter and also banged the chicks from Laguna Beach.

3. A guy that pays people to be their friends
Devil2:That guy didn't get a haircut for drill, Mass Sergeant chewed his ass!
Devil1: PUTATION!!!
by skrunch October 26, 2011
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I-putated (Iputated) , that sudden feeling of indefinite loss of access to the Internet and social network immediately following the loss or destruction of your smartphone.
My phone fell in the pool- oh man, I've totally been I-putated!
by Tystikk January 15, 2014
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