A hot chick, one who is so hot she is not only fuckable, but you wish to eat her as well.
Damn, that Halle Berry is fuck-a-licious!
that chick fuck-a-licious!
by JOHN EVANS October 22, 2004
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an adjective used to describe one (often a female), who is very attractive sexually; one who many would like to fuck, because she looks delicious.
Whoa, check out that hot chick!
Damn, she's fuckalicious.
by lawnboy828 November 25, 2006
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the word someone uses when something is completly:

A. insanely awesome
B. extremly messed up
C. acting like a whore/slut/bitch
A. Whoa! That car is so fuckalicious
B. God, that baby's face is fuckalicious
C. That mean prostitute's so fuckalicious
by watermelon-birther September 30, 2009
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Ollie Langmead.
Meaning..very fuckable..with a nice ass..and is just plain fucking hot.

See also:

The most fuckable person on earth.
''Dood! Did you just see Ollie? Damn that guy is so fuckalicious!''.
by Bethy July 08, 2004
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worthy of being fucked

Background: Created by a member of Horny People Annonymous
"That man is fuckalicious," said Jane.
by Kacy Thatcher December 27, 2004
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