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five, formerly known as Channel 5, is the United Kingdom's fifth terrestrial TV Channel. The British frequency plan only allowed for four channels to be transmitted using analogue terrestrial transmitters, so it was very difficult to allocate frequencies for the new channel before its launch in March of 1997 – UHF channel 37 was allocated in many areas, which meant that large numbers of domestic videorecorders (which output on that channel) had to be retuned at the new company's expense.

Unlike the other four analogue British television channels, the channel cannot be received via analogue terrestrial broadcasts in many areas, notably the south coast of England, where the signal would otherwise interfere with signals from television stations in France. The channel is available on all digital platforms (Sky Television satellite, and Freeview digital terrestrial, and also most cable operators).

This has lead to the channel's nickname "Fuzzy Five" since it is impossible to recieve a good signal.
Guy 1: Hey, Blud...What you watchin' like?
Guy 2: Van Damme is on Fuzzy Five, innit?
Guy 1: Oh, seen
Guy 1: Got Sky, blud?
Guy 2: No, blud. I ain't rich, like...
Guy 1: Oh, seen
Guy 2: I only got 1, 2, 3, 4 and fuzzy five, innit...
Guy 1: Standard
by Bert Bert August 28, 2005
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