4 definitions by Beatrice London.

Utchay is the name of Royal in Nigeria, Rivers state which simply means brilliance, intelligent, genuis, wise, wisdom or good thinking.
The book you just read can only be written by a true Utchay born

The great Royal King is as intelligent as his name Utchay

All the ideas and suggestions shows the true Utchay blood.
by Beatrice London. September 19, 2021
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Her heart gave a thousand beats as she shivered at the thought of having a blue birthday for the first time in her life.

The look in her eyes only showed that a blue birthday awaits her, the glow in her eyes are missing.

Utchay Beatrice looked so sad as a blue birthday approached speedily.

That which she wished for will be hers on her birthday, a blue birthday it surly will be
by Beatrice London. September 19, 2021
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To avoid or ignore someone deliberately.
Donald zeroed on princess for a long time on WhatsApp.

If you feel his price is too high just zero on him and get someone else

He zeroed her for no just reason.
by Beatrice London. June 14, 2022
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Hiya simply means hello to you,used as a salutation or greeting to everyone you meet.
Hiya beautiful Beatrice, how is the family.

Utchay Beatrice saw Utchay Ojims and with a broad smile said hiya to him he turned around and said a hiya to her too.

Beatrice hugged the love of her life and saud a whisper in his ears " hiya"
by Beatrice London. January 29, 2022
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