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A rave which is held inside a cave.
Dave told me there is gonna be a Rave Cave this weekend!

Want to go to the Rave Cave?
by Baron Boffin April 26, 2010
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Combination of 'shut it' and 'shift'. Used in a state of heightened agitation, when trying to get past someone who is blocking the way.
Oh would you just shuft!


Dear god, shuft!
by Baron Boffin July 29, 2009
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Once somebody farts and it the initial smell has disappeared, but then the smell returns, this is referred to as a stray fart.

Can also be used to indicate that someone is hanging around like a bad smell and should leave.
I wandered into a stray fart over there, man was it smelly!

Haitham is being such a stray fart.
by Baron Boffin August 31, 2009
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The art of turning people into transvestites, akin to the zombification process.
I performed a tranification the other day, he turned out to be quite a transvestite!
by Baron Boffin March 24, 2009
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A shortened version of rudder-less. Used to imply someone has no direction in life, or has stagnated in their life. Analogous to a boat having no rudder, and thus there is no ability to steer the boat.
Alistair is such a ruddiless hippie.
by Baron Boffin August 27, 2009
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When you are having a slow day and the most basic activities are not making sense, you are jobbie whacked.
Alistair, what is 2 + 2? I am so jobbie whacked today.
by Baron Boffin May 27, 2010
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