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A girl that once you bang, you're not sure if you bang again. Like blackjack. Once you get a 13, you're not sure if you would hit it again.
Billy- "That girl had an amazing body, but an ugly face. She's a 13."
John- "Are you going to hit it again?"
Billy- "Nah, probably not."
by BallZach January 05, 2013
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The act of receiving a handjob without having shaved your pubic hair in the recent past.
Cinnamon wants to hook up tonight, but I haven't shaved in like three weeks! Looks like it's going to be another afrojack!
by Ballzach July 09, 2012
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The sometimes pleasureful event in which a male becomes erect while spooning with a female.
Dude, last night I got a backbone while spooning with Charlotte! It was awkward at first, but then she started using her spine to rub my erect manhood!
by Ballzach July 09, 2012
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