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A dance performed with your drunken friends at a bar. Most appropriate to perform when you are absolutely hammered, and "All Night Long" by Lionel Richie is playing. The dance consists of jumping up and down in a circle, spilling your beer over the entire bar population who are staring at you in pure disbelief.
Steve-O: "Man that was a great karamu last night at McGee's"

Gibb: "Yea man the best bar I've been to in my entire life!"
by Baker Rawlings March 30, 2006
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Expression made famous by Marv Alberts when broadcasting Knicks/Bulls games in the early 1990's
Marv Alberts: Starks for 2.....GYES!!!
by Baker Rawlings January 25, 2006
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pocket fours in texas hold'em
Randy: Ohhhhhhh, I just got beat with sailboats against my two pair, worst beat of my life!!!
by Baker Rawlings January 26, 2006
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your everyday college slacker who is been in college forever, drinks constantly, cannot put together coherent english sentences, lies on a futon all day, and enjoys the smells of his own farts. A chilldawg is also known to have a "sweatervest"
Chilldawg: Za Steve-O did you just gyea on your gwasi breff? (while lying on a futon, wafting his fart to his nose.)
by Baker Rawlings February 01, 2006
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a "titman" is anyone hailing from the Pittsburgh area who attempts to use the word "tits" in all of his sentences. A "titman" judges things based on a tit scale and was born with a physical deformity.
Randy: Yo man I just took down the bad beat jackpot!

Titman: OOOOOOOO TIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Baker Rawlings February 02, 2006
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A fictitious lurking beast of a man whose name can be easily be substituted for anyone's name, or appearance.
Randy: Have you seen my almonds?
Steve-O: Nah dude, bet Sol Walters stole them

Andy: Dude you see that guy over there?
Joe: Yea, he looks like Sol.... Sol Walters
by Baker Rawlings January 25, 2006
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slang expression meaning sloppy throwup, appropriate to use to annoy your friends or when you are having a terrible day.
Steve-O: Whats up Campbell.

Campbell: I said ewwww ahhhhh sloppy thra I said ewww ahhhh sloppy thra!!!
by Baker Rawlings February 01, 2006
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