The most fucking annoying piece of shit that walked the face of the earth. Copy’s ur every fucking move.
You are playing COD and u die
little sibling: FUCK
Then ur mum walks in and grounds u for a month for teaching sibling swears. You see little sibling gripping mums leg and sneering at u.
by Maboiasznee November 22, 2019
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A younger sibling who displays characteristics that the oldest should possess.
I'm the youngest of my siblings, but more mature. I'm a big-little sibling.
by Kassy Kas September 10, 2022
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July 26th, national your little sibling sucks day. this is the one day of the year when your little sibling has to admit they suck. It's the law. they also HAVE to mean it.
My little sibling must now admit they suck because it is national your little sibling sucks day,
by Elia Al-Nims July 24, 2021
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