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Noun. orig - Irish. To give someone a lift onto your back and run around. AKA Piggyback
Seamus broke his back while giving yer man, Fat Frank, a jockeyback.

I'm fucking langered! Gies a jockeyback to the nightlink.
by BabyFat February 27, 2010
See yer man over there?

Yer man with the big culchie head on him?
by BabyFat February 2, 2010
noun - A disabled person. An incapable person.
adjective, 'bapped'

Origin- Donegal, Ireland.
Look at the bapped legs on yer wan.
Translation - That girl's legs are disabled.

He's such a bap when it comes to technology.
Translation - He is incapable when it comes to technology.
by BabyFat February 2, 2010
Parents. Used mainly in Ireland. From "Oul wan" meaning 'mother' and 'Oul lad' meaning 'father'. Combined, they are the 'oul pair'.
Jaysus, me oul pair are getting on me tits.
by BabyFat August 10, 2009