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A situation where every fucking person ends up losing their mind because one person continuously whines about unchangeable life circumstances or topics forever, so it spreads like a disease into the general majority of people's lives, forever fucking them up in the head. Toxic and unstoppable.
Example 1: Betty from down the lane gets drunk and forgets what happened on night xyz, and confusingly talks about it to other people they trust as a way of getting personal counseling. Said people are not counselors and think what would be the logical way of figuring out said complication, but want to be there for them as a good friend anyways. Betty from down the lane continues to whine and complain forever and ever, thereby making a crap ton of people pissed off or psychotic just because they care for their well-being. The result is almost strategic in nature.

"Mass Formation Psychosis"
by BWitched January 9, 2022
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A short, classy, and badass way of saying you "don't give a fuck" or "oh well, tough shit." Usually from one stuck up bitch to another.
Example 1: Miranda says Jenny's hair looks ridiculous right now, and continues to laugh at Jenny's shamelessness. Jenny then flicks her stogie off into the distance, walking away saying, "O dae vua." over her shoulder.

Example 2: Miranda asks how Jenny could just break up with Matias the Great, who's obviously the most handsome prince in all the land and has so much to offer. Jenny smirks, and says, "O dae vua."
by BWitched January 9, 2022
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Insinuating that you're about to drop a mother load of info that will either completely blow your mind, piss someone off, or make someone upset in a regretful way that makes you actually want to open a bottle of Kraken instead.
Example 1: Jenny hears Bertha talking about something scandalous that's making her nervous because she's about to lose something dear to her. Jenny then falls off the wagon unexpectedly, and says, "Sorry Bertha, but I'm about to release the Kraken." Then she tells Bertha about facts she overheard or knows. Bertha then has a sudden heart attack and dies.

Example 2: Jenny and Bertha are having a joint. Bertha mentions something disturbing in the conversation that makes Jenny "Release the Kraken," or in other words, Jenny then loses her mind and wigs the fuck out because she suspected something bad about it for a long time before the conversation.
by BWitched January 9, 2022
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Something you say when you're trying to fake losing your mind or being too tired, but don't want to sound whiny.
Example 1: "Sandra" at work doesn't like "Velma" so they're always in a pissed off mood or say something snarky when Velma arrives to work. Velma starts singing, "Oh, oh in the morning time." to avoid saying hi to them.

Example 2: "Sandra" looks at "Velma" like they want to start a conversation and Velma doesn't like them enough so Velma starts singing "Oh, oh in the morning." and dazes off into a sleep there afterwards.
by BWitched January 9, 2022
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Describes a blonde hair woman who has afternoon tea and doesn't like when something isn't "ship and shape," will definitely let you know about everything that seems out of place. Otherwise, used to describe people in public who deliberately flip the fuck out when something isn't what they expected. Over-exaggerated emotions towards service desk people, checkout clerks or fast food workers.
Example 1: Karen says that the guy at the oil shop was trying to slash her tires when he dropped his tool. He got oil on the car door when he got up to grab something else. Karen asked Wanda over a cup of tea that afternoon if she shouldn't have gotten a free car wash too, truly exasperated.

Example 2: Karen buys a phone from Verizon and brings it into Walmart for a repair, then flies off the handle at the clerk there when they can't help them. Karen ends up having wasted her entire day, then proceeds to take it out on everyone else in the store in a flying fit of rage, or randomly insults someone standing nearby because they look like a jackass.

Innocent bystanders silently think, "Shut up Karen."
by BWitched January 9, 2022
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