42 definitions by BRENT

An action or activity occuring during a moment of utter and unexplainable confusion.
During a recent choment, Bill acted just like Mikey on American Chopper.
by BRENT January 12, 2004
Probably a male homosexual, but not necessarily. A queer-bait is someone who is always on homosexuals' "GAYDAR".
Dude! I can't believe your going out dressed like that! You look like (a) queer-bait.
by BRENT October 19, 2003
word that really has no meaning, because it can be used as a compliment just as easily as i can be used as as an insult. probably the most widely used curse in the english language
you are a mother fucker (insult)
you are one bad mother fucker (compliment)
man, i'm high as a muther fucker (??)
look at this mother fucker right here. (??)
by BRENT April 10, 2004
A Mexican migit. But aren't all mexicans migits.
I saw a migican the other day, he was about 3 foot tall.
by BRENT May 2, 2003
A nice girl who isnt a pigeon and she goes out with my bro
by BRENT January 30, 2003
anything including: being faded, enjoying something, fer sherz, etc.
He was straight sig figged at the party last week.
by BRENT October 12, 2003