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word that really has no meaning, because it can be used as a compliment just as easily as i can be used as as an insult. probably the most widely used curse in the english language
you are a mother fucker (insult)
you are one bad mother fucker (compliment)
man, i'm high as a muther fucker (??)
look at this mother fucker right here. (??)
by brent April 10, 2004

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The only girl that still looks good if she is overweight.
"Look at that big sexy booty on that latina."
by brent February 04, 2004

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Pope(Latin, Father); The title of the Bishop of Rome, the western roman catholic church. The first Bishop of Rome is believed to be St. Peter, since in Matthew 16 Christ gave the Keys of Heaven unto St. Peter, meaning authority in Isaiah 22 of the Old Testament. Authority over God's household. Through Apostolic Succession, the title of Bishop of Rome has been kept in tact, the current Bishop of Rome is, John Paul II successor of the Seat of Peter. For any of you ignorant of anything or history, the Popes who did the inquisition and crusades never touched doctrine, therefore the Church has been saved from their awful duty as an individual. The Pope also serves much use, and to the ignorant Christians; there are 21 Rites of the Roman Catholic Church, therefore attacking the Church as a whole, you're attacking yourself, considering protestants came off the Latin Rite or known as, the Roman Rite in the western side of Christianity.
Pope; Visible head of the Catholic Church.
by Brent August 01, 2004

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Northhampton, Massachusetts.

A community renowned as a home for practitioners of alternative lifestyles and befuddled liberal pseudo-intellectuals with Ph.D's in disciplines such as Social Welfare Theory, Feminist Studies, and Marxist Political Economy, most of whom lecture at the many colleges in Amherst, MA.
Aging Hippie: Fight soulless, profit-mongering international corporations! Fair trade! Living wage! Coca-Cola kills kittens!
Sociology student: Hey, Professor! (Hands Starbucks cup) Here's your Caramel Macchiatto!
Aging hippie: WHERE'S MY BISCOTTI???
by Brent May 17, 2004

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A saying used in foolish response to any question or statement. A form of comic relief made by a teenage male at the lunch table or in the middle of english class. Can be added to any statement for comical effect.
..so today class we will be discussing Shakespeares entire works.....

Guy: Hey man, do you have your notes from yesterday?
Guy 2: Nope...i left them with YOUR MOM last night.

Girl: Hey what did you decide to do about that project you didnt turn in
Idiotic Guy: uh. ....YOUR MOM!
by brent April 19, 2005

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abbreveation for Short Top Long Bottom. As in a mullet.
Look at the STLB over there!
Nice STLB!
by Brent October 17, 2003

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A phrase used to reprimand someone who intrudes on your business while you are A)in a conversation or B)eating.
Mr. Stevenson: Tasha, can I trouble you to please gossip on your own time, and not in my class?

Tasha: Mr. Stevenson, can I trouble you to please get out of my mouth?
by Brent January 30, 2005

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