42 definitions by brent

A name used commonly to point out someone in general when you can't remember their fucking first name.
"Hey Brooke, why are you still with Thugbert anyway? He's just a horny little goatfucker."
by brent January 31, 2005
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abbreveation for Short Top Long Bottom. As in a mullet.
Look at the STLB over there!
Nice STLB!
by brent October 17, 2003
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"Sum ends" meaning, lend me some money.
Yo, homie. gimme sum ends. Ill hit ya back on the first my brotha. "Hey, my friend. Lend me some money. I'll give it back on my first paycheck"
by brent September 14, 2003
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A Mexican migit. But aren't all mexicans migits.
I saw a migican the other day, he was about 3 foot tall.
by brent May 1, 2003
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The act of having one's log stolen from a queue without permission.
Did you just steal my log you marfiler?
by brent February 4, 2005
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To take someone's log from a queue without permission. A term commonly used in the IT industry.
Give me back my log you stupid Marfilyer.
by brent February 3, 2005
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