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By far the best and most innovative cartoon known to mankind.
Transformers is the last cartoon to display any sort of cool animation violence, since those wanker parent groups decided that violence on TV caroon shows provokes violence in real life. If the parents were accountable for their childrens attitudes then we wouldn't have the problem. Your a pack of morons.
by Blur February 12, 2004
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An easy substitute for lazy parents that shouldn't have had children in the first place if they cant teach them the difference between right and wrong.
Idiot parent groups - "We will not let our kids be subjected to this sort of content because they will start going out and killing people!"

Enlightened Person - "Maybe if you weren't negligible parents and taught your children the difference between right and wrong then we wouldn't have the problems that we do in society"
by Blur February 12, 2004
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Some Ranter has it spot on. See their definition.
It started out as a morally correct and rational thing, but has gone way too far, just like many things in our society.
Why dont we all just shove leashes up our arses and sow our lips together because Freedom of speech is a myth.
by Blur February 12, 2004
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flipping keez all through the streetz
by blur July 10, 2003
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The best band to ever grace the world with its prescence.
Go to www.aussieblurpage.myfreebb.com to discuss this great band with other Australian fans.
by Blur January 08, 2005
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a sterio-tipic that all chinese people are smart and elite hackers
look at that Chinese Hacker, man
by Blur May 24, 2003
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sass: to know, be aware of, have sex with;
hoopy: really together guy;
frood: really amazing together guy;
Hey, you sass that hoopy frood Yong?!
by BLUR October 17, 2003
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